Three.js easy round / circular particles

Today I came across a question on stackoverflow asking how to make round particles in Three.js ( Three.js - give particles round form ).
I have seen questions like this a few times and the answers always seem to be to load an image and use it as a texture. People seem to forget that you can use a canvas as a texture map and you can draw pretty much what ever you want on a canvas.
I have demonstrated this before when someone asked " Is it possible to use 2 textures (one on top of the other) as a Material without using custom Shaders? ". See the fiddle HERE .

Basically, all you have to do is create a function that draws your canvas and returns a THREE.Texture object, assigning this THREE.Texture object to the map property of the Material.

Here is a function that creates a circle on a canvas:

 function createCircleTexture(color, size) { 
var matCanvas = document.createElement('canvas');
matCanvas.width = matCanvas.height = size;
var matContext = matCanvas.getContext('2d');
// create texture object from canvas.
var texture = new THREE.Texture(matCanvas);
// Draw a circle
var center = size / 2;
matContext.arc(center, center, size/2, 0, 2 * Math.PI, false);
matContext.fillStyle = color;
// need to set needsUpdate
texture.needsUpdate = true;
// return a texture made from the canvas
return texture;

Here is how to use it:

 var pointMaterial = new THREE.PointsMaterial({ 
size: 20,
map: createCircleTexture('#00ff00', 256),
transparent: true,
depthWrite: false

depthWrite must be set to false as per THIS issue on stack.