Stopping Drupal spam registrations without an annoying captcha

There are many modules out there to prevent spam registrations in Drupal, but many of them involve some sort of Captcha, which I hate, or a paid for service. Stopping fake site registrations should not make it harder for the legitimate people trying to register on your site, and having to pay to prevent spam does not sit well with me.
While Drupal does have a setting to "Require email validation", I do usually have this enabled, but it does not stop the actual registration process and your user table will increase in size pretty quickly, also, some bots seems to be able to get around this too.
Here is a list of the modules I enabled to stop spam registrations to great effect.

Include a honeypot field

The honeypot module is a great module to implement as your first line of defense. It adds a hidden field to your forms, that when a value is added, the form will not submit.
It also has a "Honeypot time limit" setting that is the "Minimum time required before form should be considered entered by a human instead of a bot.". Not though, that using this setting will disable page cache for whatever page that the form on, As on many of my sites have the registration form on all/most pages I usually set this to 0 effectively disabling it so the pages still cache.

Block certain username or email patterns

Often spam registrations have email addresses at a few common domains and you can stop this by enabling the user restrictions module , but this may not be enough and maybe you want to check the username field for a pattern instead. Enter the Regex Registration Deny module , This is a module...