Tango messenger app: Why you shouldn't use it

The Tango messenger app is probably the worst app for privacy I have ever come across. If you have any concern for your privacy at all, you should not use it. Below I will list just a few of the things that concern me as far as privacy and the Tango app.

  • Tango saves all your contacts to their server

    When you install the app on your phone, it seems to try to sync with all the contacts in your phone. Although there is a setting to stop this called "Save Address Book to Tango" under "App Settings", this setting is on by default and by the time you have installed the app and want to turn this off, it is too late and your contacts have already been saved to their servers.

  • It sometimes allows people to see your phone number

    This one really surprised me and it has happened about 3 times to me. I have opened the app and instead of a contacts name being displayed, tango displayed their phone number. These contacts were only tango contacts who I had never met and who had never given me their phone number. I even checked that is was actually the person's phone number by sending them a regular text and surprisingly, it was their actual phone number. This problem seems to me like it has something to do with the person changing their name in the apps character encoding

  • You can't remove contacts

    For some reason, in the Tango app, contacts are added just by chatting to someone, for most people this probably isn't the behaviour that is expected so if you install the app and go about chatting to many people, your contacts

  • ...