Seeing friends of friends on Tango

Not long ago I installed the Tango app on my Nexus 4. I mainly did this as friends were using the app and told me I could use it for video chatting, and it seems to work reasonably well for this.

But then I found something that concerned me a little, it seems you can see your friends friends and there is no way to disable this.

To see a particular friends friends, all you have to do it block all the other friends (which may be difficult as Tango lists all contacts, not just Tango friends) then go to "friends" -> "People you may know" and you will see a list of that friends friends.

While I have nothing to hide and don't really care if other people see who I am friends with, the fact that this can not be turned off seems like something that would concern some people.

EDIT - 12 Nov 2014
It seems Tango has been updated and this no longer applies or you can now disable it.



i want to get get tango friends from outside my contact

I want to see another friend list I mean I want to see my friend example my friend Ahmed I want to see her friend list. Plz help me

I want to see my friend friend contact list

I need fucking mates

I want to make friends out my contacts please help me both male and female

As far as I know, you can't actually un-friend or removed them, you can only block them. Tango is shit

I want to see may husband profile tango and who his or her friend tango.

I want to see my wife profile tango
and who his or her friend in tango

I want to see my wife friend list profile
his or her friend tango

Thank you for helping me

I want to see my husbands profile and who his friends are.

I want to unfollow someone i used to follow before but now i'm not that possible?

How I view contact friendlist without them adding me

How can I stop people from seeing who following and follow me can't tango stop that please let me know I thank you in advance.

I'm trying to view who's following me but I can only view who I follow.

I think if you install the Fiesta app (which is the Tango replacement) you can see who is following you

i want to see my husband profile and who his friend in tango

How can I see my husbands Tango followers lists aka friends ?

I want to see my husband friendlist..he work in Saudi and me here in Philippines..pls help me

I need More followers how can I do that.. And I mean more he

How can I see my husband's list of friends on Tango?

I think tango should be more like the instgram app, where it allows one to view their friends followers and who they're following. I can't even see the people following myself. The Tango appneeds to change, and be updated.

If you install "Fiesta", the Tango replacement which uses your tango profile, You will be able to see your own, and your friends followers. If you install Fiesta while still having Tango installed, I think it will automatically use the Tango profile.

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