February 2015

Using Three.js with jsfiddle

Using Three.js in a fiddle on the site jsfiddle.net is really quite easy but I keep coming across people having trouble with it. So here are a couple of tips when trying to set up a Three.js scene in a fiddle

Including the Three.js source

When creating a fiddle to use Three.js the most important part is including the Three.js library itself. You can select to include Three.js from the "Framework and Extensions" section but this will probably not be the latest version of Three.js. To include the latest version it is best to include it from the github repository itself, so you want to enter the path in the "External resources" section. But directly including the github path will result in an error, even with the github raw path. What you need to do is include the path from rawgit.com/ , which is rawgit.com/mrdoob/three.js/master/build/three.min.js.
Now you have Three.js included in the page correctly, you can start creating your 3D scene. If you prefer to work from a base, I have created on here .

Here is how the base looks.

Using images in materials

When using images in Three.js materials in a fiddle you will probably come across the CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) problem.
A way to get around this problem is to add the image DataURL as a variable, the same as if you call toDataURL() on a canvas element.
You can get an images DataURL DatURL.net
Here is an example that uses a variable with image data as the source for the THREE.ImageUtils.loadTexture() function.

Here is an example of using image data as a texture in a fiddle.

Instead of using a dataURL...

Android apps to test your mobile cell and wifi data

Often when traveling I have to rely on my trust Nexus 4 android phone to connect to the interwebs, be it on the phone itself or when tethered to my laptop. As such, I often want to test both the wifi and cell data connection on my phone. Most of the time I need to run these test when looking at a new hotel or condo to rent, but also when the connection seems a bit dodgy in an area that was good.

Here is my list of recommendations of apps to test your mobile data connection

3G 4G WiFi Map & Speedtest

This is the app that I have used the most lately when testing my connection.One of the main reasons being is that it has a coverage map built in allowing you to see what mobile carrier has the best coverage, and also which carrier has no coverage in your area. I think this data is collected from people using their app which may be a good or a bad thing in your opinion, but it if it improves the app and does not collect any of my other data, then why not (this feature can be turned off).

The good:
  • Good dashboard giving much information
  • Cell data and Wifi
  • Signal Compass
  • Coverage map
  • Cell tower map
  • Free
  • No ads
The bad
  • More detailed information would be good
  • Speedtest download reported in "KBPS" (all capital). unclear is this is Kilobits or KiloBytes
Network Signal Info

This app seems to be a more general purpose app rather than an app to help you improve or find a better signal. What I really like about it is the extensive information that it provides....